Each year Ignite goes up to Hume Lake for our annual summer camp. Hume has been an incredible experience for so many of our students as they remove themselves from the worries of everyday life for a week to solely focus on God and grow closer to Him while having a blast with their friends.

If you are a student we hope you will be able to join us this year at Hume Lake! For more information click on the links below.

Dates: July 21st - July 27th, 2019

To turn in the permission slip please follow these steps:

  1. Click on “permission slip” below

  2. Download the PDF

  3. Fill out the form and save to your computer

  4. e-mail the PDF to ignite@vantagepointchurch.org

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Send a kid to camp

We believe that Hume Lake is an opportunity that every Ignite student should be able to experience. For families who have hit financial hardships it can be difficult to cover the cost to get their student up to camp. This is where scholarships come in to play.

Each year we try to send as many students as we can to Hume Lake based on scholarships. If you are interested in being a blessing to a student by donating to our scholarship fund please send us a message so that we can get in touch with you.

Thank you for your in making an impact in our students’ lives.